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The Classic Courtyard Beijing(Nanyuan Yueju) is a courtyard hotel located within easy reach of Tian'anmen Square,  the Forbidden City,  Confucius Temple,  Houhai Bar Street and Lama Temple (Yonghe Gong). The hotel is located near the Yonghegong station,  Subway Line 2 and 5.The hotel features airport pickup service,  ticket booking service,  bicycle rental and Wi-Fi in public areas.Guests can dine in the hotel's Western restaurant.[View Detail]

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  • beile
    Hotel belongs to the courtyard of the building, only one or two layers, special rooms on the first floor, no Windows, rooms too small, room water heater hot water cannot wash two people in a row.
  • bennotian
    Better than you think, comment worried before, very clean
  • FY0555
    Of the sheet is covered with old, feels so dirty
  • e02886744
    Feel to this price, hygiene is also good
  • e00049678
    Hotel locations special good, on in Lama Temple Street of North new with in, outside is downtown, but into alley in on is quiet, a hidden Yu downtown of feel, walk to Lama Temple as long as 3 minutes, out is bus, go two step is Metro, dinner also convenient, GUI Street on in near, around also has small supermarket, buy things convenient, room facilities also are is good of, clean health, air conditioning bath PA easy, hot is foot, WIFI also stable, waiter attitude also is good of, toSay flaw probably bungalow's tide, noise is not really good, but lived for two days and is not a good waking or sleeping, so a tolerable range, is very characteristic of transformation of Courtyard hotels, back in Beijing also came to live here
  • flyfox
    The room is too small, front hallway environment very poetic. no online picture looks good. so so
  • gt192
    The location here is GREAT and the young women who work here speak English pretty well. Its near the subway and we stayed 2 nights here. Id stay again in a FLASH!
  • alstone
    Good location, very near from Yonghegong.
  • lee36512
    Hotel is very good.
  • deerlinna
    Location in the alley of health
  • e00008803
    Hotel location is good, by with Lama Temple Metro station, also by with GUI street food a article Street. live of family room, room air conditioning refrigeration effect is good, but TV each channel are has noise. room no Windows, not ventilation, bed too soft too soft has, not comfortable, sleep a late body somewhat itch, may is mattress is long didn't Sun has. bathroom also is clean, clean health of aunt is kind.
  • mary3721
    Noise in General. the service is good, the location, value for money is very high
  • e00136033
    Very ordinary hotel, was nice.
  • gooooole
    Individual room humid poor ventilation
  • bddd100
    Friends book, good, very good location, away from the Lama Temple, the Imperial College, yummy is very close to the subway is also very convenient, they go out the Line 5 subway Yonghegong Lama Temple Station, friends reflect well.
  • godxfs
    Good location!
  • lily2265
    Convenient, almost 2, line Line 5 subway, a subway outlet not far to. clean health, satisfaction
  • seedom123
    Only one bath room hot water and heat again for half an hour. lobby are featured, but the rooms are too simple, no quadrangle. bed linen or hotel myself, always feel clean, I do not know well the disinfection
  • Angela-bj
    A little bit cold
    Antique, nice, location convenient, nearby snack more. is bright and spacious rooms as well imagine, is satisfactory overall, after all, downtown.
  • e00240939
    In Beijing Lama Temple near can has such of has ancient feelings of hotel also really good, himself is cock select has this hotel, but for hotel for really of good of select, yihou to Beijing can consider continues to select, only need recommends of is due to toilet and room basic with at a room, hope get toilet taste of problem, other are can, WIFI is unobstructed, quilt is has features.
  • sun427
    Location not is hard to find, on in Lama Temple near, front desk sister attitude is good, hotel built-in decoration is has old Beijing fan son, like is courtyard transformation, away from Lama Temple Metro station also is near. is no Windows, bathroom has a small window, is stuffy but has air conditioning, earlier most is Western. General for, feel is good, aunt also is kind, Hall mask of like home of living room, has home of taste, praise about.
  • mrytt
    Overall good, but room was out the window. security facilities need to be improved.
  • ltc1984
    Location fit, comfort, hotel facilities, service, staff very friendly, room large, hotel and health improvement.
  • cnbingle
    Nice hotel, service very good!
  • Leontravel
    Room well! around convenient! hotel features! good
  • e05056669
    Beijing live this, very good
  • Glendy
    The location, the alley that's easy, just next to the Lama Temple. about 10 minutes from the Lama Temple Station. room was small but very clean, cost-effective!
  • Cafeaulait
    Health also line, three room is a freshman small two Zhang bed. Windows not on road of but on with two aisle, fine of, not noisy. is aunt clean of too late, a days I 4 points more back, aunt also didn't to clean. room layout quite antique, is like. Metro Lama Temple station down c export go six or seven minutes on to has, I is followed navigation go, also is fine find of.
  • lilydilys
    Small courtyard is characteristic, was very close to the Lama Temple
  • csrer
    Now living here at that time, not hot nor cold, no window in the room will not feel bored, very good. next door is the Lama Temple, two minutes walk to the, very convenient
  • sunny6650
    Bad boss good for overall quadrangle is home to very enthusiastic feeling
  • lw523694
    Price is high
  • reaver
    The surrounding environment is particularly satisfied with, Lama Temple is in close proximity. transportation is convenient
  • wei yun
    Environment and health is satisfactory and convenient.
  • carolinejing
    Selected double rooms, not rooms at big bed room is very good overall.
  • AST286
    To visit Beijing, both live here, live like last time, this is the room a bit cold in the winter
  • matcoyc
    Very warm, very convenient location
  • mj19580829
    In a small alley, very quiet, but bad sound insulation, but generally stay late, had no effect, and hotel is the Chinese style decoration, but not satisfied,
  • atlasmann
    Hotel interior is very characteristic, location very convenient. some cool shower.
  • e00138871
    And friends with of set has two between room, hotel location also is compared good of, in two a metro station Zhijian, near also has many shop dinner, buy things, GUI Street also is near, Lama Temple on in right, Imperial College and Temple also not far, Ditan Park also not far, asked people on know has. hotel facilities General like's, strong poor satisfactory, wall are moldy has, toilet hard rushed down, to addition took disc loaded water only rushed of clean. counter sister attitude OK, upstairs has balcony Sun clothes, public regionalDesign of Chinese style, for 10 days, along with a better understanding of the, still more convenient, Xicheng District.
  • flyiceyueyu
    The location was excellent, room was a bit small.
  • congcong0605
    Out of 500 meters there is a metro station and bus station, only 100 metres from the Lama Temple. was very convenient!
  • litian0326
    Location fit, comfort, hotel facilities, service, staff very friendly, room large, hotel and health improvement.
  • ouyanglinnan
    Alley, dark room, in General, not worth the price
  • lyn1616
    Old style better
  • Telur eggs
    Every time I go to Beijing Hotel accommodation, all is good, good boss, liked. hope my boss business is booming!
  • crx318
    At Line 2 subway Yonghegong Lama Temple Station Exit c so far, in fact, is close to the line Line 5.5-7 minutes from the subway station, less than 3 minutes from Yonghegong. is very convenient. Place very clean. I had booked a double room, but when there is no, so he arranged a two single bed room for ... and I explained it, the waiter's attitude is very good. Some not very good facility. no Windows is second, but the air conditioning was not very good... Has been transferred to 16 degrees was felt there was no wind, very stuffy. so there are a lot of people will open their doors before it is too hot. The service, in addition to the night shift is not very well thought of, both during the day was very good. Has helped the hotel taxi service. night people actually say no such service, however, and was not very friendly. but the Inn after feedback, all right. they also specifically asked if when going to the airport or to anRow of taxis. Very clean health. will come again in the future.
  • jindyguo
    Environment, location is good
  • cm123cm
    Hotel location is very convenient, in front of a side street snacks are great.